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The ALITI PERFORMANCE GROUPS are proud to use their platform to share the cultures of the world with their audience by taking continental trips to different countries, one performance at a time.

Audience members are able to visit the countries of the world without leaving their seats, and also learn interesting facts and information about each country that is represented on stage.

Our Group Members consist of both Americans and US Residents who happily showcase their cultures on stage with every performance.

The ALITI PERFORMANCE GROUPS also has a Dubai branch of performers which consists of performers from all over the world, giving the US Groups the opportunity to perform in Dubai, and vice-versa.

Performance categories include:

  • Modeling

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Acting

  • Artistry

  • Poetry

  • Storytelling


Get paid to showcase your talent(s) and/or culture in your state, nationwide and/or across the world.

Complete the form below, and an ALITI PERFORMANCE GROUPS representative will get in touch with you to provide you with more information.

Select the talent you have
US Performance Group Applicants:
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